If someone came up with this idea clever
and WB had a get together ever
His sis would to all invites send
and Sri would dance from start to end
Mukhtaar will make people laugh n cry
while Percy would argue down a boy shy
Joseph begins his prepared rhetoric
Arpit goes into temper meteoric
Anand Bhatia says to mike, 'hello
Rahulji, pls na mooh khole,' he'll bellow
Nishant sings poem impromptu
falling in love with gal in front pew
Riya comes with rubber n scale
in architecture doesn't wanna fail
with Reema around none feels low
she anchors and steals the show
Arastu walks in unannounced
worldly pleasures just renounced
tiny Sam bounces a football
on the backstage, gigantic wall
Ruchir speaks just one line
Gita looks just fine
time to eat then would come
all would suddenly go mum
not even leaving a small crumb
soaking in wine and rum
behave like funny bum
and cry, 'more..more..more
next year, we want encore!!'

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