We feign civility,
But we are barbarians.
We are but monsters,
Predators and beasts disguised by the veil of "humanity".
Trying to fool ourselves
And others into thinking that we are humane,
That we are sane.
And then you see her there.
Her sun-kissed skin and a smile that whispers
"I know the secret of the universe".
Her eyes dancing with laughter
And her every movement made as if touched by some perpetually translucent grace.
No hint of the spiralling despair she fought to control within.
But she knows the undeniable truth,
The secret her smile betrays.
About change being no option for us
And leaving us with no hope.
For no matter how far gone the world is,
No matter how irreparably damaged we are
And no matter how much we feign humanity and civility,
Control and restraint,
Savages we are,
And savages we'll stay.

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