Anyone bump into a blind person anytime in life? Off course you have !
Have you ever noticed that when they ask for help they always smile ?? Why ?!! Why do they smile ?!! And that too always ?!
I asked my mom when i was with her on a railway station and my mom helped a blind man to catch a train on the opposite platform.
She said its not, they smile because we help them, they smile because they think there is still humanity on the planet. I didn't understand what my mom said because i was just 14 yrs old. But now i understand.
They smile on all the good things that happen to them and they never grumble on the bad.
Common, the person never saw a thing in his life !! He has to touch everything to know what the particular thing is! Its the touch that makes them happy. This was my first conclusion.
One day i was travelling in train and i saw 3 blind people talking. They were all smiling while talking. I thought these people have never seen each other and yet they are smiling while having a conversation. Why cant we be the same ?? We come out of our houses pissed of for going to work on a monday morning. Why cant we smile to others the same way ?? We can see the bloody person standing right next to us!!
So one fine day i actually met a blind lady on a train, i gathered enough courage and asked her about her life. She said 'she was blind from birth and hadn't seen anything till date. But she was grateful to god that gave her hands. Because now she can touch everything and tell what she is touching.' My ground shook at that moment. She said she worked in a small company of packing food like pickles and snacks. We talked for a bit and then she got down at the next station.
I came to my conclusions after the chat

1] Blind people trusted others more than anyone on the planet.
2] They are always grateful with what they have.
3] They never grumble on things. (Most of them)
4] They always looked on the brighter side of life.

At the end of the conversation with the lady i had asked her a simple question which left me speechless. I asked her what did she regret in life. She said no one has ever able to explain how a particular color looks like.
And till that day i was the person saying everything is possible in this world.

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