The many faceted, controversial human life is still a subject of mystery and wonder for the 21st century's most intelligent minds. But there is even a higher existance, an entity, that would outstand the brilliance of human mind itself. It's simply the entity called society. While the human person contributes significantly to society, the society itself directly influences the former, with strength imparalleled. And this society stood responsible for leading us to the inception of religion. And religion had god, fortunately uniting people around the vast world. But now, the word 'vast' deserves some emphasis. Why? Because it brings differences along. Differences in custom and culture, tradition, beliefs and what not! And so religion too suffered from the same fate, being attached to particular societies. And again society had unity. The question is, what for? Because a proper adverb that precedes the verb 'unite' is 'against'. Then follows the object 'whom'. United against whom? Right? So, what happened is that societies had unity, but against the same kind. And religion accelerated the purpose. Men against men! Unnecessary to state what followed in the history of mankind and how people suffered, just because we had society and unity! So unity was never universal? Wow! What would end this? Many would accept that we need an apocalyps! But hey wait!

Don't destroy the world in a minute! Exaggerations apart, we all have differences with merits and demerits, which require tolerance. What we need to do is to stop hating each other without any potential reason. Stop embracing the religious heat bestowed upon us by sophisticated political gurus and follow the common sense. Still complicated? Just remove the third person from grammer! If it is all about you and me, no religion, no social barriers can hold us from loving each other. Eyes would meet and make understanding crystal clear. Coexistance would occur and with peace. What I mean is that let's look into the heart and minds of people personally. Know them and realise that he/she is no different from ourself without the social arts. And yes, be bold enough to start and provide peace. Receiving is everybody's vice!

I am not against social order, let's say we humen come first. Religion die with us.

Stop discrimination! Respect religion! Stop using it as a tool! Respect the human person!

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