I was standing, lost in my view
In my thoughts about my life
Having niche for a few

A horn, loud indeed, sharp too
Brought me back to mundane, tangible world
I realized I am at the gate of the city zoo

Smiled at my world of dreams
Looked at the cars, loud screams
Walked on the lane looking at tree
I was really feeling, “I am happy, I am free”
Three bikes, speeding and performing cuts
Heavy exhaust by them, ridden by some nuts

I noticed many pairs of eyes staring at me
Breaking my comfort, instilling insecurity
Breaking my believes about myself to be free

I know I am good looking, so what, is this a sin
Why can’t I roam freely? Kicking a can of tin

My ears then wanted to be deaf,
Hearing words, so hurting, so offensive
Comments wrapped in grim, crap

Anger turned into a small tear
I felt in my heart some fear
Then I questioned, am I wrong
If not, why to bear this, why not to be strong

I raised my head, with confidence in my eyes
Shouted loud, “shut up you scoundrels”
A shout out of rage, much large then my size

And amazed I was, happy and glad to see
Those self proclaimed heroes were running away, to flee
People all around, some were praising some were afraid
Some were consoling; I was thinking the encounter I just had

With shine in my eyes, I splashed water on my face
And went ahead, watching the weak human race.

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