I think I'll stay behind one day

Smiling. Posing for photographs.


Congratulating others.

Feeling happy for them.

I will smilingly answer people about my useless plans for future.

I'll be staying back to make my dearest people feel comfy on the best day of their life.

I shall not be important.

Just a shadow of their yesteryears ; one who has chose to be the wallflower.

Everyone would be wanting me around,

But my presence would be pronouncedly needless.

I shall be just a smiling face in the plethora of emotions they'll see on faces they meet that day

My dear ones will move ahead one day

Its just day

I'll stay behind feeling happy for them

Just don't know why i get the feeling

But un-intentionally i shall be left behind all ALONE one day..

I shall merely be just another smile in the wedding photograph one day.