What a girl’s heart says!

Guys think that girls are heartless,
they say no to their proposals right
away. Well, it is not true! It hurts us
to break hearts. It hurts to see that
someone loves us and we can’t love
them back. It has been happening
since years, if you’re pretty, guys will
propose you. While some of them
would just be passing their time,
others might be serious. It hurts to
break their heart. I had other
priorities when I was younger and
people used to woo me. I did not pay
heed. I still remember the faces of
those guys in my school.

We can’t say yes to everyone out
there. Neither do we have a criteria
to select who is the right guy. It just
happens when it has to happen. We
don’t do such things intentionally.
We don’t enjoy saying no or walking
out of a relationship. If we are
walking out, there must be something
that has been hurting us very badly.
We choose to keep ourselves happy
instead of you. That’s why
sometimes we give up on
relationships. We value friendships,
that’s why we ignore you when you
propose us. We like to be friends, it’s
not an excuse, we really want you to
be the one who wipes our tears when
a guy hurts us, not the one who does

Please stop treating us as objects. If
it’s a pretty one, everyone would like
to pick it up. If it doesn’t look good
enough, nobody would want to take it
along. Love us if you really mean it,
don’t just make us your girlfriend,
love who we are, love our dreams,
our thoughts, our anger, our smile
and we will make this world the most
beautiful place for you to live!

that's my personal view.... please correct me if m wrong.....

::::: PK <3 MâĎĎÝ :::::

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