Judging someone by the way they dress is equal to casteism, racism and all other great things. Seriously. Stereotyping is one of the worst evils in this world. Sigh.

She is wearing a mini skirt, what a slut!
She "looks" so cultured in that traditional dress.

First of all, even if a girl is a slut(whatever that means, it is derogatory), nothing in the world gives you a right to treat her as your public property. You dont get to pass vulgar comments or eye-rape her. Second of all clothes are just one part of a person, at the end their deeds are what define their character. Actually its not our fault,that we are sold this thing of judging people by there dresses,we have so little to work with,magar judge toh karna hai,kaise challega warna kam,Meh kya kahungi apni friend ko uske barre meh. Have you ever noticed the heroine in a movie/daily soap always wear traditional Indian clothes,and the bad girl is in western.Get a clue,why are they doing this,they are using your old perception,re-establishing them. Wake up.If you can read this,you are educated enough to make out the opium which is being served to you.People in jeans,miniskirts can also be good people,people with ideals,good hearts,and good families.

As for the age old stupid, silly argument that we are forgetting our culture, here is what I think about that. All this hype about Indian traditions, we kill girl child, we suppress them in family decisions. Is it fair? Should we stick to our culture and promote these acts against humanity and the sit on our high horses claiming that we are traditional. I dont want such a culture to flourish that embraces patriarchy, that subjugates women, that believed in practices like sati, devi, dowry etc. In the geography book of class 6th,"India is a diverse country",and we are what we are cause we changed according to time.

If given a chance would you prefer to live in India or under Taliban? They are protecting their culture, women are not allowed to wear what they want, men are the kings of their house. I bet you'd enjoy that.

(Note to author of "The way you dress, is the way you are addressed": And I sincerely hope that one day people like our very own Miss dynamic 19 year old 21st century girl wont believe in the crap they right now do. :/ )

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