When you abandon me ,
In a dustbin ,
What do you think ,
Where would I go ,
To an orphanage or a burial ground ,
Or get adopted by a kind soul ,
Who unlike others wouldn’t ignore my wailing sound .
When I grow up ,
What do you think ,
Where would I go ,
To a girl’s school or a co-ed one ,
Public or private owned ,
As you have to save for your upcoming new born .
What do you think ,
About the next stop ,
Coz I have dreamt enough ,
With eyes dabbed in hope ,
To climb those coveted stairs ,
Displaying my flawless flair ,
For everything under the sun ,
Bestowed up with some crazy fun .
I know you must be worried ,
Now just too much ,
As a suitable guy you have to search ,
What do you think ,
Whom would I choose ,
Someone who cares for me ,
Or preferred by the society .
If anything goes wrong ,
And again I am abandoned ,
What do you think ,
What would I do ,
Withstand every storm ,
Or get marooned .
I won’t ask again what do you think ,
As over the years , I connected those missing links ,
Which taught me each time ,
To be patient and kind ,
But not ignoring the feelings of my mind ,
Which learned me to take every one’s care ,
But not snubbing off my success stairs ,
Which asked me to understand those hidden emotions ,
But exampled too to never brush off my intuitions ,
Which reminded me that I am a girl ,
Whose life moves on in an unexpected whirl ,
But also needed me to know my worth ,
Coz tomorrow again if I give birth ,
To someone ,
For the people around ,
Who may not be a mirth ,
What do you think ,
Where would she go ,
Would she fight back or just stay low ,
Would she get everything she deserves ,
Or simply be a privileged preserve .
What do you think ,
What would she wish to be ,
To accept the predefined path ,
Or battle with her destiny .

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