Incantation of your name
screaming out loud
Shouting in a market i profess
standing tall and proud
Fists clamped wrists are tense
pumping gathering energy
Anxious me as crowd stares
lips utter scare free

You won't accept i won't let go
i am a scary girl
Accept me you'll know
i am sweet as dove

Go run to ends of earth
i'll fly and run and reach you
If you hide in cave deep down
i'll crawl and pave my way

Don't run sweety you may touch me
and feel and sense my cheeks
Gaze deep into my eyes you will
see, of only love it reeks

Just fake it plum but fill my drum
that craves and desires
Jump in it do what you love
help me dash my fire

Come for a night not even a day
i'll make my peace with it
My heart must feel one touch of you
i'll die in peace post that.

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