I like to read.

I like to read few posts here and comment. It gives me a great pleasure to read a single post and leave my comment over it. I don't know why but its really relaxing when after whole day of hustle I can just sit down and feel no hurry or rush while reading those innocent words about nature or someone's love for someone or even when someone show some concern for their society.

Sometimes I read recent posts and sometimes I pick the old ones. Sometimes the first ones. Every post is great, some leave you just speechless. Sometimes posts with just one or two polls are so good that I feel a bit bad about the author that their writing got so less of attention. But mostly I feel good. Even the comments are great.

I read really few but whenever I do I feel great. And while am writing this I am filled with joy. The joy of expression.

Keep writing guys ... I am there to read ... :)

Tags: Writing, Reading

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