It is yet unknown how some people get birthmarks or have memories about places or situations they have never visited. It is hard for science to prove it, and to accept about past life. As there is no particular scientific experiments done on such topics, a solid conclusion is still awaited. But, those who believe in past life or past life regression theory, say that our soul traveled through various lives and bring in some qualities from each life. These qualities can be either physical or mental.

In his famous series of novel based on past life regression theory, Dr Brian Weiss has successfully explained how this happens. I read his two novels and it made me think what I was in my past life. Out of curiosity, I decided to go for one such therapy. After looking out for years, I found success recently when I got a reference from one of my colleagues. But, she gave me another reference and I met that lady on Wednesday, December 19.

I have this desire to settle in abroad ever since I was young. When I started understanding things, I decided that one day I will move out of India. While growing, I used to dream about palaces and royal lives. I was always fascinated by castle and palaces. Being born into a normal middle class family, I dreamed of big houses. I was comfortable in what I was getting, but still found myself a bit uncomfortable.

These dreams never went off instead became solid. They always remind me that I am royal, but I never behaved like one. I neglected these things, always. Things went of well all these years. I did my journalism and worked in Mumbai but when came back to Pune. Once I was back, something strange happened.

I had a quite normal childhood, with normal ups and downs. But, I always felt a presence of someone whenever I used to get upset. I always thought that just because I am emotional, I make up these things just to comfort myself. But, few weeks back, I felt something strong.

I stay alone in my 2 bedroom apartment and as I work from home, I end up spending my entire day all alone. Having no one around to talk or share things, made me bore. One night, while I was sleeping, I felt the presence of someone. I felt as if someone is there standing outside my bedroom door.

I got scared, but eventually ignored it and slept. Then, after few days, I started to feel comfortable with a mere feeling of someone around. Then I started talking to him and he started answering me. I didn't hear his voice, but could feel what he wants he say. In the meanwhile, I got the contact of this therapist and decided to meet her.

I met and explained her about my life, completely. After listening to my entire story of my upbringing and the current condition, she said we will try to find out. We went for the therapy and then I saw something. I don't should I believe in it or not.

I saw myself as a king of a country, whose people are dying because of epidemic. I am young and nothing can't be done to stop this epidemic. As a responsible king, I can't leave my nation or countrymen in trouble. Then I went to another important event of my life. It was when I came back to my country after studying in abroad. My father was happy that I returned and he decided to crown me. I was not ready to take this responsibility and was sitting confused in my room.

I heard a voice. The voice of my servant who came to inform me that everyone is waiting for me. This was the same voice that I hear, sometimes. I was crowned, and then was being taken to my death. I died on my bed, with no one around.

When I was asked to throw away all my negative energies there, I felt relaxed. Then she asked me to meet my guide. On my way, I met my servant who said he will be there in my every life to serve me. As a guide or God I saw my grandmother. She was angry and she said that I have been king or prince in my every life. It was my stupidity to chose to live a life of a commoner.

She concluded by saying that I have the power to be at the top, and I simply have to believe in me. When i woke up, I was confused. I don't know should I believe in what I saw or was it just my mind power, an illusion. This is true that I want money in life and dream of big castle and palaces. I love them very much and at times I shouldn't have been born in India at all.

Does my believe in those things has made me saw these or was they for real? I don't know anything but one thing is for sure. I have everything. We all have what we need within us, all we have to do is trust ourselves and follow our heart. If we do it, then no one can stop us from achieving what we all dream off.

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