If liver fails kidney also fails,but if kidney fails liver adjust with another one...so in this adjustment era why can't we help people by selling one of our organ ?
‘Organ Sale’ covers a wide range of practices. People most readily associate it with the case in which an individual who needs money sells his or her organ to the one who need a particular organ. But there are other possibilities too. First is to pay people living now for rights over their body after death.Another is to pay relatives for transplant rights over their recently deceased loved ones' bodies.
Organ transplantation is one of the main glories of modern medicine. However, the number of patients who require organ transplants exceeds the number of organs available. For example, the amount of people waiting for a transplant exceeds the number of donors . Every day, about 18 people die because they are waiting for an organ.
Organ donations save lives. The dead can help the living and good people can help others through donations of things such as a kidney, lung, part of liver, along with non-organ donations such as bone marrow, and blood. and it'll obviously depend on the seller that whether they want to sell vital organs or non vital organs.
Now if I want to have a pizza I can go to MCD and have a nice yummy pizza right now and in the same way if I need money urgently why can't I sell one of my organ? kidney now costs up to 10000$ which approximately amounts up to 6,33,300 in INR,with this don't you think that I can be one of those of kaun banga crorepati having 6lakhs in my bank account without answering those intellectual question.I can even buy a damn iphone 6 plus that too of 64 gb...even the idea makes me feel so rich.
With this we can also cope up with the problem of unemployment. If this is legalised we'll surely have big bazaars and even shopping malls for organs and even employees to volunteer us and exciting offers like buy 2 kidney and a liver free or else livers on sale 25%off HURRY...you can even get to see Bipasha Basu and Shakira dancing and advertising the organ market.Organ sale can also become a flourishing business even Billgates Ambani and Tata will find a strong competition.
And if organ sell is legalised tell me will you not bid for Aishwarya's eyes Atif Aslam's voice or that of nightingale? And if this happens I can save lifes and earn money at same time.Think over it.

P.S-This was my debate speech,On the topic "should organ sale be legalised' where I had to speak for the topic.

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