I was just wondering how would the world be if everyone lost the ability to see.These were few changes i could think of.

If we were all blind,we would miss seeing all the beautiful creations of the almighty.The mountains,the rainbows,the water bodies,the snow fall,the shades of sky,the colors of butterflies....


Let me explain my thoughts..

If we were all blind,we would never differentiate between each other in terms of the skin color.Fair,dark or any other.Nothing would matter.We would then love each other for our thoughts,principles,kindness and inside of a person.WONT WE??

Well, being blind would enhance our ability to feel.We wouldn't just see the rain,but definitely get down to feel the drops on our face.Those few drops would get us happiness and make us adore the beauty of creation.

If we were all blind i would at least know humanity still exists.
Yeah!!! we wouldn't see if someone slips down a road,we wouldn't see a poor crying for food,we wouldn't see a girl being raped right in front of our eyes,we wouldn't see a women being beaten in the neighborhood by her husband,we wouldn't see the under table corruption taking place,we wouldn't see the pain of people around....

Well ,think about it. Aren't we doing the same now? we don't see anything even when we can.We see some old man losing his grip and falling down,we don't even bother to help him.Instead we prefer laughing and moving on.
We see some women being beaten up,a girl being raped in public.What do we do?just stand mute and watch.
Driving on the road we see someone met up with an accident and is struggling between life and death.We ignore,be happy it isn't us there and move on.

All these thoughts really irritate me.I mean we see so many things happening around yet we want to get busy with ourselves.These things hardly consume time though..

If we all couldn't see at least i would be satisfied humanity still exists:)

signing off :)