Here I want to introduce my perception about "healthy food", and what we should eat. First of all, this is not a nutritionist advice, nor recommendation of a special kind of food. I want to determine what all we have to consider as healthy "meal" in general, and what is meaning of healthy eating.
These days we are 'Bombed" with information about what to eat, what foods /products are good for health, which fruits and vegetables are most full of vitamins...Its endless sea of information, and always is good to have this in mind. We can find in all advice something good, or potential for our new diet and new eating habits. First of all I want to declare the following- when it comes to healthy food ,we should consider these things:

-- the age of person
-- the temperament of person
-- the daily activity of the person
-- the daily spiritual practices
-- The work condition of him
-- general eating habits
-- the gender & body structure
-- the place where he lives...

So these are what I could think of, obviously so many and various factors. They are surely affecting on persons diet, food preferences and health. It`s easy to make connection! So do not follow a trendy diets for couple of days (even it could have a good effect on your body). Better think deeply and investigate the above factors, then you can decide to ask advice from a nutritionist. All in all, as I devote my attention to general case and human nature, I can assume the following things about what a healthy meal is. I don`t determine here "sugar" as a damaging, nor bread and flour as damaging for the body (with the arrangement that quantity matters!) SO have in mind the basic ideas for healthy meal, and how to eat healthy, regardless of personal tastes.

1. Quality is above the quantity ( when you eat quality food, dont try to full your stomach, but eat l i t t le. Let your stomach to have an empty space, in order to process the food. Avoid to use "junk" foods in your daily meals. (that means packed)

2. Eat regularly (Eating in intervals of 2 or 3 hours in the day time is the best way to not feel hungry. Everyone knows that then you wont feel so hungry to let your stomach without space, and you `ll have little healthy snacks. Its important to eat regularly and little portions, and the best is to have exact determined times that your body will be used to. For example if you had breakfast at 10.00 am, have lunch at 12.00 - snacks at 2.00 pm and so on.
3. Drink liquids every hour. (in order to not get also too much at once, is well to remember to drink liquids, and specially water! every hour. But also this can be, fresh juice, tea, coffee...
4. Drink warm water or tea (green, herbal) right after you wake up. The myth that the coffee is the best, is over. Even if you prefer, after you drink warm water -with or without honey and lemon, you can also drink coffee...But here I will say also the quality of coffee matters too! Avoid drinking "nescafe" and all packed and ready made coffees, even you can be used to this. Coffee doesn`t have the same effect on mind", but on heart, which wont make you wake up, as you imagine. First step to do is try to have some days free from coffee, and substitute with green tea!

5. Eat at least 1 fruit in the morning. (Morning is the best time to cleanse the body from the previous day. In the night body and stomach functions are low, so you cant have food processed as needed, but in morning is the time of "sun" and fire, and the best time to drink liquids and eat fresh fruits. Eat fruits all and dont make juices, as they contain important fibers. Eat seasonal fruits, and apples are really the best for cleanse.

6. Include warm soup in your lunch. ( when I was little, everyone assumed that the best meal includes (soup, main course and dessert.. So if for others I can argue, but soup is really and important meal, specially in middle day. With the soup, you have so needed warm liquid, to make your stomach works). It`s a bad practice to drink - juice, water, soft drinks -while eating! better to drink after you finished, or give some time.

7. Choose and combine your meal by ingredients : combine - proteins, carbohydrates, grains & lentils, fruits. When you make separation of the food by type you help you stomach to work fast, plus you boost your metabolism. You`ll feel more light, more energized and more productive in the day.

8. Eat at least once " alive food" in your day. (alive foods are coming from the nature directly without to be processed -cooked, in canes, cut, packed, and so on. Such valuable foods are vegetables an fruits. That is without a doubt. Make them always important part and eat plenty. If you succeed with this practice, make at least one -of 5 days with only "alive foods". You `ll feel the difference!

9. Eat in in peace. (This is very important part from healthy eating. What to not do? everyone know about the practice of "eating" and having a bite" while watching movie, or surfing in internet, or while having a conversation. This if done regularly, can destroy our attention, and how food should be accepted and will lead to weight gain and problems in metabolism. This is so, as food needs special time, separated from all other activities! Try to eat while playing game. Do you feel well the taste of food? do you feel the time when you start and when you finish? and the speed you ate? In this case mostly the food will be eaten fast with no attention of process ,and have bad consequences of body.

Try now to eat while observing nature, or something still. Or while you close your eyes, in time of chewing. DO you feel the taste now? And the time of eating the food? Surely you`ll feel the difference. The best way to eat is in peace, without noise around, or talks even. Then you have the best result. The only thing you can include is a nice slow music.

10. Don`t eat in the late times "snacks" - that mean all after 8.00 or 9.00 pm is not recommended! Dont eat after time of sun set, which is the best way to make your body free from toxins and overweight. Don`t make exceptions. When you go to sleep your stomach should be light, so eat less at dinner ,eat most at lunch time. (12.00)

These are my basic points on healthy eating and healthy food. Don`t be totally restricted from something, unless you know from doctor its bad for you. But consume wisely. Other things, that will help you much if you want to stay healthy and have a good metabolism are :

-- good sleep
-- practice meditation
-- play sport, exercise
-- read about food and alive food
-- walk in nature regularly

I think as all is connected, so is with food. You`ll find these practices help for good digestion of food, and will improve many more things in your every day life. So dont concentrate on "food" only, but on all together as part of a healthy life.
About how temperament of person affect on foods he should consume? In my other investigation about foods and how they affect, I determine what special needs each person has, according to his psychological portrait and temperament. for example - Choleric people should avoid more sugar and fats, as they affect on heart directly and will increase his blood pressure. They should take more vitamins, fruits and vegetables.

Melancholic people often have problematic stomach and gut, thats why he can eat more carbohydrates than others, but avoid fried foods and fats, as well as cans and packed products.
Phlegmatic type also can have problems with stomach and colon, so he should try eating more green vegetables, and avoid bread and white flour.
Sanguine types need calming of their nervous system, so they should avoid coffee, and all big quantities, and avoid eating meat with bad combinations, recommended for them are chamomile tea, peppermint, and to drink plenty of water.

These are just outlines of the concept about temperaments eating. But the main rules are for all. The first thing you should do before starting any "healthy" practice or diet, is self-discipline. Then you`ll have result. Good luck!

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