I want to ask you a question.
What is happiness?
(... you have right to answer or not -to be silent observers)
for me I ll answer :

Happiness is not a continues excitement feeling, of unbreakable joy inside heart (even this short moment also is part of happiness), but what is real happiness?
to be happy means to feel confident in life, trustful, loving, life-loving, healthy, open, honest, connected with nature, connected with universe, compassionate, sad sometimes, improving every day, achieving every day, open to change, open to love, creative, inspired, true to your principles and believes,not comparing your life with others, feeling you are unique, letting go of addictions and bad habits" thats happiness.Happiness is to wake up and feel joy for the sunrise and the new day, new experiences, new lessons to learn, new things...and also to wake up and feel love by your side, feel your beloved close to you, feel not alone, as you share your feelings with someone precious. Happiness is harmony of your inner self and the universe, the people, it`s pure love. And its not given by others, it`s not in others hands. It`s in only your hands! Take it!
Be happy, no matter what.

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