What is logic? Isn’t it just a game of mind? We have some basic assumptions whom we name as universal truths (e.g. mathematical rules etc.) based on whom we draw relations between things or phenomena that we observe in this world. Now there are two points to understand: one, logic holds its value until the basic assumptions hold true, second, logic necessarily requires two sides to relate with and without this duality logic has no meaning.

In our daily life experience, we take duality as very obvious aspect. Every expirience comes to us covered with layers of dualistic assumptions. For example, the very first layer of assumption is duality of ‘me’ and ‘not-me’ i.e. I am this body (comprising of two hands, two legs. etc. etc.) and any thing ,which is not this body, is not-me (i.e. ‘others’).

What if in some realm this duality doesn’t exist at all?…

Technically, understanding of such a realm is “beyond logic”, which should necessarily not be confused with the sense of “being illogical”, and is quite difficult to be contemplated by a mind accustomed to seek duality in daily experiences.

The great sages of India live in that realm. Its reachable. Its eternal bliss!

Tags: Philosophy

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