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Long way traveled.
Crossed many or a few milestones.
But still can't see the Destination.

Way-back when the journey started,
All that was known was,
Traveling is a must.

Objective of the tour?
Well, that wasn't on FAQs list.
As the speakers were none, but mentors.

Those who happened to be different,
Were offered an unanimous answer.
'Objective is to reach the destination!!'

All started in same direction,
Soon roads diverged,
Few took Left, the others Right.

Amid the confusion,
The decision was taken.
Decision to match-up with the pace of throng.

The objective of the tour was lost.
An unsaid new objective was,
To be faster than the rest.

Never later, were the directions questioned.
Nor were there any objections.
It all seemed to be a race.

Amid the throng,
There was a guy,
As ordinary as any other.

Unaware of the directions,
He took the road well-traveled,
To overcome the fear of being lost.

Here now with hazed vision,
He looks back.
Back on to the decisions made.
Back on to the roads not taken.
Back on the companions lost.
Back on the competitors created.
Back on the milestones rejoiced.
Back on the journey so-far.

But nothing ahead could be seen,
No mentor could he now rely-on.
Cynic he became.

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