With the question of belongings in this life, arises one other very important question –on other pole – that of Losing. What is meaning to lose something or someone?? And what affect that has on our mind. Since the beginning of humanity, our brain and emotions struggle with the very heavy burden of feelings of “lose”, “fear of lose” which actually creates almost all other feelings inside of us. Losing and fear of losing is very often in basis and root of many evil emotions – like – fear of losing your beloved is indicated by jealousy, lack of security, lack of confidence (in yourself or life), possessiveness. Fear of to remain alone may create too – depression, anxiety, living in illusionary world, lying (to yourself and others), dissatisfaction, frustration. Fear of losing material things and money –can lead to greed, insecurity, even aggression and violence. Any kind of strong fear as well as strong emotional imbalance can lead to violence, uncontrolled anger, different kind of perversions. Fear of losing your job, home, security, can make you distrustful, cold, frigid, incapable of love and affection. Fear of failure can make you more insecure, doubtful, lost in illusions, lies, stressed and depressed. Fear of losing any human beings (wife, beloved, child, parent…) can make you too stressed, anxious, upset, emotionless, dull…and much more. Fear of poverty and swallowed emotions, grief and pain can lead to gluttony, and over weight, fear of losing something precious, purity and cleanness leads to lust. Fear of failure too common in our society has imprints for a wide net of emotional imbalances – aggression, depression, hatred, envy, jealousy, anxiety, insecurity. That fears are so connected to each other, that one thread leads to another and so on endlessly. The you find yourself in the trap of the black hole., where you cant see any light (in the final stage of destruction). Don’t have doubt, sadly destroyed souls exist here on earth, they are many and we can all them “sick” as angels do.
The problem is – any of these states affects on any different individual in unique way! That means there is not one recipe to be prescribed to heal for any illness. So what to do? That`s why I write this article, to help you understand, feel and see the depth of the problem of belongings.
So in short __ Any thought pattern of belonging creates inevitably pattern of “fear of losing”. It`s like a little snowball, that becomes bigger and bigger by rolling in the snow. But here ball is actually made of fire. Fire of destructive emotions. The fear of losing from its side creates all the negative and heavy emotional statuses I said above. That means where is the root all? And where is the solution for it?
__ There are thousands and millions of books, reports, articles and texts about how to heal your soul, “how to remain happy in your lifetime”, how to be healthy. All of them are wonderful to read, when you face hard times and challenges in your life path. But where is the book to actual prevent us from going so down, in order to not be “healed after”? That`s what I need to ask.

The problem is from the beginning to not create false pattern in our brain, and to realize the truth, even very simple : You don’t belong to anyone or anything, and nothing and no one belongs to you. We should face and feel this with all power , if we like it or not, because already the reality of life will bring us to it. Why? Your child belongs to you? Ok, then can you have full control on him or on his brain? No. Then he doesn’t belong to you. (some people will say, then why he was given to me? Not because of God decisions, but because of something called “lessons” and “sacred responsibilities”. You are responsible to take care of him, and that “special given order for you” we see and count as “belonging” ! But he /she does not belong to you. The same way no any human on earth, nor animal, nor living being, nor object belong to us actually. We create this pattern in our brain, simply to make ourselves “powerful enough” and why we want to be powerful?? Think why?
Simply because we want to control everything around us, and this feeling of control grows more and more in wrong direction and in enormous dimensions. We should all “let go” of all sticking words “possessions”, belongs”, safe things here. The only permanent thing in life, as many wise people said is “change”. Be ready to love and embrace any change in your life, even which seems to be “bad” and change of losing. Only then you`ll have chance to win yourself”.

__ Now I want to have attention to one other text of mine, which observes “the 10 sacred obligations” we have on earth. Taking care of our body, our home, things inside, things we use every day (called possessions), taking care with love for our parents, wife, husband, family, all people, people with disabilities, poor, miserable, taking care and keeping clean our environment, nature, animals, trees, flowers, taking care of our physical, mental and emotional body…all these are “Obligations” for us, and of course they are part of the divine plan. We are here to actually take care, of all that –in many different ways. We are gardeners and care takers, healers. If we develop and maintain that pattern, letting go of “attachments”, we`ll much easily overcome (as it will need time of overcoming) any frustration, fear of lose, insecurity, grief of someone died, and all other things, which prevent us from feeling complete and happy.

__ Now is time to ask the last question for this text: What actually belongs to us? Can you now see the light / truth in the tunnel? You could easily answer now – as we are caretakers of our body, our home, our possessions, our earth, people around, so only thing we can possess is :Soul, Spirit and energy. That we actually possess and 2. we possess the real connection with our angels and spiritual guides. (but as many other things, because of our stupidity and many violations we lost this connection long ago). 3. We possess connection with the endless Light and source of energy : God. That are the 3 things we have in real. What these can benefit and bring to us?
1. Soul, spirit bring us connection to your deep inner self , which is most important for the life –path. When we have connection with our self –we ll not only be more and more emotionally balanced, safe, secure, satisfied, we`ll have feeling of happiness and joy from simple things in life, but also we can reveal the real pearls inside f us – like our truth life purpose – our talents and good qualities? Like gentleness, creativity, fresh mind, scientific approach, deep love for yourself and others, compassion, truthfulness. In order to be real and reveal your inner pearl, you should be not afraid ,leave any fear behind, and be connected with your deep self, with your angels and with God. Then you`ll feel you belong to all the universe, and all other things will appear to you as little, insignificant, dull. What we have here is just “tools to grow” and develop our inner abilities.

About how we can have connection to our inner self –I think this question was answered many times in many ways – including all religions and spiritual paths. One of the best way is “ free of our conscious trough meditation” __
We have to look more inside our thoughts, and don’t compare your life-path to anyone else. You are unique person and your life will be unique too. But the feeling that we don’t belong to the “down material world” should appear now clear if front of our eyes, we belong to God, Light and universe.

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