Don't worry. This is service sector of rural India. Here the end user have to take all kinds of pain. These are the people who have to take all kind of pains, who have to spend their time and money for the kind of service which is declared mandatory by the Government. The end user's have no say in the system, no bargaining power, no access to the market in the era of throat cutting competition but they just have to listen and act.

Yes, this is the bitter reality of our Country which is the flag bearer of the service industry in this world. Which is known for the quality and soft skill of its service sector all across the globe and where millions of people work and earn decent quality of livelihood. Which brings lots of foreign currency for the Government and it is something for which we Indian people are proud of, but when the billions of people across the rural belt ask for a share in this developmental model we gives then a third quality of service and limits them according to their economic status.

Oh, we are here to talk about business. This is post globalization era and everyone is talking about the second phase of economic reform. In this era we will be looking forward for profit and margin. So, the quality of service will be totally dependent on the paying power of the customer and the rural market is dominated by the poor people who don't even have money to pay for the service. They can't pay, can't bargain, can't question, can't even revolt.

So, we are businessman here. We are taught in big business houses to smell profit even from thrash. We invested in our high profile MBA and other master degree. We some time goes to foreign Country for learning how to make profit and in the last the more we bring profit, their is more promising career. There is more applause from boss, more party, more promotion and even more package.

No matter we have to work with customer who have nothing to eat the next day. We are here to make money. We will play with the market force, If needed we will not stop ourselves playing with the fate of the poor, We go by our own way. We will make profit and that's the ultimate goal of our job for which we are hired. We can't compromise with this basic idea of the modern profit world.

In the last we are the modern manager. We found our way to make profit where no one can even think, we did. We start exact rating our profit from the customer who didn't have a penny in their pocket. We comes with an idea. We takes our customer faith and starts teaching them about the different benefit of technology and this is a way where it comes on. We come with an idea that the big social welfare sector should be technology driven and then comes our profit. The money which once goes directly in the hand of poor people will now transferred in their account and here we find a way which works in our favor. Our ideas start delivering fruits of profit. Now we will charge money from them in the name of providing service. We will charge money for SMS, for banking services, for enrolment, for Cess, for service tax and many other. This is what the India service sector is doing for the poor people of the Country. What's ever the money which use to come in the hand of poorer, now we are extracting our commission from it. This is business.

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