A friend just sent me a link today to TOI's 10 favourite books of 2012.
She sent it to me as she knew I am interested in books.
now i understand she had an ulterior motive to is as well..
I would give someone a 1000 bucks if they could have told me the top three..
mind you, this is favourite books and not best selling.

I lost my head!!!
the top three books are:
Fifty Shades of Grey
Fifty Shades Darker
Fifty Shades freed.

what the bloody hell!!

what is wrong with the readers today???
Are you telling me that the readers worldwide have only sex on their minds?? and that they don't get enough porn so want to read about it too?? :P

I used to think that Sidney Sheldon was soft porn.
These books take it to a whole new level.

you know what the funny part is?? most of you might have ended up reading it!! :P

I like my sex.. dont get me wrong.. but till now sex, porn, erotica were things we used to do alone, keep to ourselves, not something we read while 50 people are looking at us in the train!

for me that classifies as an awkward moment.. :P

the worst part is.. there were two other books no.4 and no.7
Bared to you
Reflected in you

which by the title, you can guess are along the same lines.

then you have your regular novels
Grisham features, so does Rushdie and Stephen King
thank God for small favors.

BTW she sent me the link as I was taking her case on her reading fifty shades of grey!!! :P

maybe im getting too old or the readers are getting worse..
tell me which is it???????

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