Was it the rains in which we danced?
Or was it the raindrops which we glanced?

Was the cycle ride that we had had,
Or was it the tire puncture that made us glad?

Was it the assignments that we shared?
Or was it the few questions that we spared?

Was it the butters on the bread?
Or was it the laughter that we spread?

Was it the sunrise that we watched?
Or was it the punches on the stomach that we launched?

Was it the ink pen that i gave?
or was it the high-score of the game DAVE?

Was it the loving look you shot towards me?
Or was it the care on your face that i could see?

Was it the chocolates that we shared?
Or was it my dreadful tiffin you always completed?

WHAT WAS IT for 5 years i dont know..
all i can say is, "kya din the woh"

i wish i was a little mature back then..
so I'd know to reciprocate your love when..

i miss those days and those fights
i wish i would have said i love you too..
and our lives would have been set right..:)

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