Many more manufacturers serve to prop up Norvell Electronics’ capability to provide excellent service to the power needs of the business and industry sectors. Here are the rest of its trusted products sources:

There is that recognizable name and logo of Ericsson. Ericsson Power Modules designs, manufactures and markets quality DC/DC products with specific applications in the communications industry, including advanced use in radio base-stations and switches/routers. These products are likewise applicable in other purposes. With the high degree of technology standards, durability and dependability of Ericsson Power Module products, users are assured of excellent solutions for such crucial applications in medical, avionics, computing, military, space and industrial market sectors. Just one of the strong partnerships that Norvell has sustained for years in its successful run in the electronics industry.

Excelsys supplies flexible AC/DC power solutions from 100 watts to 1200 watts. Whether from 1.45 volts to 58 volts, 1 output to 12 outputs, Excelsys can provide the right solution. Excelsys Technologies Ltd. is a modern and innovative world-class power supply firm providing quality products to OEM equipment manufacturers globally. This, Excelsys has attained through merging the latest technology, management strategies and comprehensive customer service standards with a two-decade tradition of dependable and creative switch-mode power supply design, manufacture and sales. Count Excelsys as another valuable card up the sleeve of Norvell Electronics.

N2Power, established in 1998, develops and produces small, efficient open-frame switching power supplies based on innovative, patented technology. Applications of N2Power's products are well-engineered to satisfy required targets in cost, space, packaging, electrical consumption and heat dissipation. Its one-of-a-kind and environmentally-friendly AC-DC power supply designs minimize energy consumption, produce less waste-heat, and need minimal forced air cooling, hence, reducing AC loads and enhancing efficiency and dependability. Norvell takes advantage of the unique applicability of N2Power products.

Using cutting-edge technology, NetPower provides world-class, high performance DC-DC converters, which are patented designs delivering excellent thermal management and producing higher performance and longer reliability. These converters run from 2.5V to 75V input, ideal for industrial, medical, military and communications applications. Norvell recognizes NetPower's commitment to manufacture quality products and its unmatched price-levels and technical customer-support in the industry.

Phihong, another Norvell product source, centers its business on leading in the power adapter market and continues to expand its switching power-supply market by offering 1U power solutions in telecommunications, data-communications, industrial and personal electronic markets. Its wide selection of cost-competitive, highly dependable power and accessory solutions has satisfied many of Norvell's customers for years.

Norvell does not concentrate on a single supplier of certain lines of products. It also has Sparkle Power Inc., (SPI), established in 1993, and one of the largest switching power-supply producers worldwide. SPI utilizes advanced R&D through the partnership with industry leaders such as Intel and AMD to maintain its position as a leading manufacturer. Their products are cost-effective and have excellent performance. Focusing on standard and custom (ODM/OEM) products, SPI has built a strong reputation for providing efficient solutions in the PC, industrial PC, telecommunications and consumer electronics industries.

When it comes to fans, blowers and coolers, Norvell looks to Sunon with its full range of high-performance products. Sunon's numerous products include these quality axial fans and blowers: DC brushless fans, micro DC blowers, CPU coolers, graphic card coolers and AC fans. Sunon produces some of the industries smallest, thinnest and most power-efficient fans and blowers, ranging from 0.315 inches (8mm) to 10 inches (250mm), just among its more than 700 diverse models available to customers.

TDK-Lambda Americas Inc. is a leading producer of standard switching and linear electronic power supplies at its ISO-9001-certified plants in Asia, Europe and North America. Established in 1948, Lambda has developed steadily and rapidly by maintaining its robust reputation for following high standards of quality and dependable products. TDK-Lambda's R&D, engineering and marketing groups assure its Fortune 500 customers of consistently reliable and durable products anywhere in the world. Norvell surely recognizes TDK-Lambda's capability as a strong partner in electronics.

Norvell provides modular power components and complete power systems through another producer-source, Vicor Corporation. These products are utilized in the communications, data-processing, industrial controls, test equipment, medical and defense electronic markets. Vicor employs innovative engineers to exploit the combined advantages of its components to produce compact, highly-functional and economical products with streamlined development cycles that fast-track marketability.

Looking for enough power in your hands from Norvell? You can trust Norvell to deliver through its partner producer, Vox Power, which provides 600 Watts in the palm of your hand. Possessing the highest power densities available in the market, Vox Power designs and delivers sophisticated switch mode power supplies, focusing on leading-edge and miniature, highly-efficient AC/DC power converters. The modular and user-configurable architecture allows tailor-made power solutions to be designed rapidly. This product has established a new level in AC/DC power conversion with its massive 600-watt power in a 5" x 3" x 1U chassis. A high-five for Norvell!

One cannot help from being amazed at the giant steps taken in the electronics industry. We all use phones and various gadgets on a daily basis; but there is still so much out there that we are not aware of in terms of the capability of electronics to deliver needed tools, gadgets and conveniences for modern life. Norvell is in a unique position to prepare us all for a wonderful future founded on the efficient and highly-sophisticated application of modern technology which runs on ubiquitous electrical power.

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