I could smell it, The smell of the new carpet. I could feel it, the warmth of the royal led lighting. I could see it, the scenery outside the lift made of fine glass as it dragged me away from the face of the earth. I could touch it, the fine materiel of my clothing. The mirroring glass reflected myself. I couldn't believe what I saw. A strong confident man full of scars from the past in his eyes yet standing still straight staring deep into his reflecting himself in the mirror. The black suit of finest quality, Maroon tie, A dark brown shirt, and a fancy watch is all that a man can dream of possessing, and here I was standing in front of the man I always wanted to be. Yes, after all I have been through, after all the disappoint I have caused, after all the time I wasted.. I finally became what I see in front of me. The door opened behind. I could see many faces looking towards me each one of them expressing their acknowledgment of my excellent work. I couldn't believe the fact that time had so much of a change, perhaps because I always wanted to be recognized by strangers rather than end up being neglected by my own but always failed as long as I could remember. But today I was living it. The only dream that I always had for myself. Fate, It has a nasty habit of making fun of me. It always did. The moment I picked up my foot to move forward, I was dragged back.. So much backward that I could see those smiling faces fade away, far away diminished into the complete darkness. The reality came stabbing my heart and all those pleasant feelings inside, leaving behind nothing but pain and emptiness. I eyes opened only to witness what I already knew. The dream was no reality. I was a failure again. Again? No. I always was. I had failed everyone connected to me. My parents, my sister, my friends, the one who always been with me hoping me to change, and even my own self. I was at my limit. My eyes staring blindly at the ceiling of the night. Tears rolled down them moving towards my ears and finally to my pillow. I slept there with an unbearable pain in my chest, an empty mind and eyes full of tears unable to stop any of them.

Tags: Dream

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