I was missing you today for being so important in my life. You know daughter i absconded you because without you, I cannot live. See how important you are in my life. However things change and you will change. I guarantee that. Hopefully you will never fall in love again my daughter. Are you scared to talk to someone just because you feel that there is someone behind you.
Will you take one of my advice? You should take the advice.
See the people you love the most , you always think that they are behind you. That happened with me also but that was not correct. It was all my illusion i carried with myself.
Anyways just take care and hopefully you will do great in your life.

My wishes are always with you and D. They will forget me but believe me i will never for you being my beautiful daughter and you gave me two son's. They were really so so nice to me. They were actually nightmare but now you all are my most beloved dreams....

Alright i will be back daughter . Take care.
My wishes are always there with you.

my blessings daughter :)

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