Embracing your eccentricities
Willing to exist with all unconventional allure
Commanding respect for your person
Stealing love with passion, yet denying the need for it
Being stubborn about your rules and principles
And as stubborn bout every other thing possible
Being as wild as wild can get; yet just as much as you allow yourself to be…
Loving your family with undying conviction
Loving yourself even more (or rather showing it so…)
Everything about you makes you someone everyone would love
And desire love from

Yet u give it rare… you choose with as much care as u might
The best yet I have met at self-preservation…
You protect yourself with all the walls
Never have I met someone so convinced
In the one- dimension that is his alone…
I am glad as a friend that you will always be protected
More than anyone I know from hurt that most are vulnerable to…
I know that you will do brilliant things if you truly wish to…
I feel you have everything you need
Yet as your friend I wish for you….

I wish that you…
Accept other’s eccentricities
Their will to exist with all unconventional allure
Give respect to their person
Give love with passion and don’t deny their need for it
Understand their need to be stubborn
Even if their rules and principles are beyond your understanding
Understand their need to be wild
And trust them with the limits they set for themselves…
Appreciate their love for their family
Hope that they love themselves even more (or rather show it so…)
Wish them to be someone everyone would love
And desire love from

About love…. I wish…
You give it more … and that you choose with even more care than you do now
Risk not just money but even sometimes matters of the heart…
Without compromising self-preservation…
Let the walls b penetrable by few
Be convinced all the more
But allow that your dimension is yours alone…
You are stronger so give protection
Be more considerate because hurt we are most vulnerable to…
Wish to do brilliant things…
Always feel satisfied but never quench your thirst…

As a friend, wish for me all that I wish for you….

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