I thought to not write anything emotional here instead i thought to write crazy stuff which will make others laugh...but i was unable to stop myself from writing ..

On 16th June 2013 , as you guys may know a huge flood hit the holy grounds of Uttarakhand which lead to many deaths and the people missing.

My own grandmother (nani) went to 'The Char Dham Yatra' but who would have thought that her journey has no return.

On 12th June 2013, she with her other group members total of 27 people went to Uttarakhand. Before going to the railway station she cried a lot , she didn't knew why was she crying but she cried, she even said that this is her last journey. She had visited half of the world by her own and she had no problems with it. She has visited many ritual places all around the world because she believed in God too much .
She had suffered a lot in her lives which i can't disclose here but she endured everything by the only support of God.
But the reality is totally different,she trusted the God but the one who backstabbed her was no other than the God.

The atmosphere in our house for the past 2 months was doleful .I can't express what my mother felt when the news flashed in the media.

I can't express my feelings ...
My feelings towards my granny
feeling towards my mother .

My house was in a total panic but we hoped for the best, there was a ray of hope, in our hearts we felt that she is safe, she is alive and she will come back to us .
That she will come back to her daughter and my mother would get back her mother safe and soon.
14 days passed, we were already shifted to our aunt house so that if all will be together so the sadness will be shared and also that my mother would be get some relief if she had her family members with her .

24 days passed, our mind and heart had different thoughts .
My hope for the best was fading away but i was not surprised seeing the determination of mother.
She had to pretend a fake smile on her face but i knew that her heart was pale.
She has so big heart that even such circumstances she kept stone on her heart and pretended that she is relaxed only because she didn't wanted us to worry about her.
Our hope regained, when 21 people of 27 came back safely and we were hoping that our granny is among those 19 people.

But,she was not among them ...

The atmosphere in our house was calamitous now.

1 month and 7 days passed, some situations arise that we were unable to track her location.

I thought that there would be no way that anyone would survive this long with no water no food.
when from the remaining 6 people 1 came to her house safely then i was stupefied .

The one who came to her house was deranged .
She was saved by the military officers and her luck saved her.She was having a visiting card of her son in her purse .
So they found out the address and the mobile number and dialed the number through which she was saved and came back home safely .

A lot happened during these trail of 2 months which I can't describe here.

But now everything is fine ...
Me,my brother,my father all supporter her and made her to propel .
We made a funny and good atmosphere which worked as the time passed away .

Now, I don't believe that there is God but my mother do .

It all ended yesterday when my mother was standing before the temple

Smiling and tears in her eyes..

said " I will never forgot the things you did for her and the sacrifices she made for me ...I'll miss you aai (mom) Thank you for sending my mother to heaven."

I overheard her and felt heartbroken ...I was unable to eye contact her..

She came home smiling and slept ..
I was disturbed the whole day ..even though..
only for my mother's sake
I smiled like she did and didn't let out my feelings to her ..or to anyone.


I think I can't write anymore ....I feel better after writing this .

The only thing I would like to say is : Take care granny ...We all miss you :)

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