When a woman gives her heart and soul to a relationship and loves a man to his core she even forgives his biggest mistakes. It is because sometimes she just wants to overlook his follies and give him another chance. It is because sometimes she just wants to fix everything all over again and nurture her relationship with more love. But she does this not because she is weak but because she loves and cherishes the relationship so much that she doesn’t want to give up on him and leave him alone because she knows the weaknesses of the man she loves. She will stick to him, support him and love him with even more conviction because somewhere deep in her heart she knows that she is the best for him and no other woman can love him the way she can and that he will be utterly lonely without her. And the bottom line is that she is honest with her relationship and she determined to give it her all. She chooses to listen to her heart and not her mind because she is the kind woman who believes in the power of true love

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