I live in Tamil Nadu. But for a visit My parents and I went to Agra to visit the beautiful place. The day before journey, I had a dream about that place. It was very peaceful. I heard the sounds of the chirping birds. It was all my dream.

The next day I packed all my things. We started our journey by a train.
We reached Agra. Oh! It was very hot like a oven. My dream passed my mind without coming true. I cannot see even a small bird there. There was a huge traffic. Our bus was late half an hour because of the traffic. We went to a hotel and took rest.

The following day, we planned to visit TAJ MAHAL. I stepped into the gate. Wow! I cannot say the beauty of it by a few words. The shadow of the Taj Mahal is reflected in the pool of water just near it. The bushes and trees were well trimmed. It was...... amazing. I was speechless.

I just entered the Taj Mahal. I opened my mouth seeing its beauty. There was many minute designs even in one small and tiny marble. I just imagined the hard work of the constructors. Their hard work is reflected in each marble of the Taj Mahal.

My dream was one thing but what I enjoyed was another thing. Nothing can be better than Taj Mahal. I returned home happily.

Every Indian should visit Taj Mahal before the end of their life.
Thank God. I had visited. When are you?


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