When you love a person, you love him in anyway. When he is angry or cursing in a traffic jam. When he is half dead creep up from work fatigue. When he catches cold and with a stuffy nose and sore throat fights it off and in the attempts to put him to bed and make him drink hot tea with honey, you love him then. When he cries in movies and when all the day he enthusiastically sings some stupid lyrics, scary at the same time! You love him when "o Lord! Monday again" the love magnifies when he is late, when he is in a hurry, when he twitches and gets irritated over trifles, chews on the go, and laughs when the thing is not funny, when he quips and shows off while sulking. When he does not get enough sleep and compels. When he is afraid to go to the dentist, she climbs with unnecessary advice, telling vulgar jokes , he thinks he's in everything and always right. You love him from head to toe with the sun burnt shoulders and ripped off knees with the three-day stubble and those sore eyes from a sleepless night, the scar from appendicitis with all fads, whims, ambitions, likes, dislikes, depression, anxiety, weakness, disease. Stupidity and cleverness makes a strange feeling of love. Though it highlights a loved one in a somehow unearthly neon light in which everything seems infinitely precious and dear but which is painful to inhale and impossible to exhale.

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