Lights, camera, action! This is what his life resided in. Shreyash Choudhary – the well known movie director. Actors were always longing to work with him. It was once in a life time opportunity for them. He had worked really hard to come up in the world of films.
He was a very ambitious man. He could sacrifice anything for success. His principles for life were strict. He was professional everywhere. “Success has eaten up my son” his father said in an interview. He soon died due to shortage of medicinal attention. It was the time when Shreyash was working on a very big movie. It kept him busy all the time. There were days when he would work twenty hours a day. He neglected his father’s health as he thought every hour would cost him his success. The movie was a hit, but Shreyash lost something that he was never going to get back. But it seemed that only one loss was not sufficient for him to realise that there are things greater than success.
His wife had died two years after marriage in child birth. The baby girl however survived. He named his little girl Yashi. Shreyash soon married an actress – Monica. She could not look after the young girl well as even she was a busy woman. She had no hard feelings for Yashi but yet, it was tough to look after her. Yashi was grown up by servants after all his parents were always occupied.
Shreyash’s and Monica’s busy schedules had very bad impact on their married lives. It brought stress and frustration which ultimately lead to divorce. Yashi’s custody was given to her father.
It was Yashi’s twenty fifth birthday. Her father was out on a shoot. Yashi had gone out with her friends. She was to celebrate her birthday with her father in the night when he came back. In the evening when she returned back after a party with her friends, she started feeling weak and fainted. This was the first time anything as such happened to her. The servants splashed water on her and she woke up after some time. It was found out that she had fever. Yashi was waiting on the bed for her father to come. But a bad news awaited her. Shreyash soon called her up and informed that he would be shooting in New York for fifteen days, so he won’t be able to be there. It was nothing new for Yashi. In the twenty five years that she had lived till date, there had been only one birthday that she had spent with her father. Yashi was not upset on hearing the news. It was usual.
Fifteen days passed by and Shreyash returned back. He met Yashi only for an hour or two and left for another shoot. This movie was important for him. It was a dream project that he was waiting to make from the starting of his career. Shreyash stopped meeting his daughter now. He slept on the sets as they had to start shooting early the next morning.
Yashi started getting sick very frequently. She called up her father once about how weak she felt and how ill she was. Shreyash replied to her with enrage “I’m busy now and have no time for all your nonsense. If you are sick then take care of yourself. Don’t create a fuss out of it. I’m busy so don’t disturb me now.” After that, she never informed her father about how ill she was. They spoke only when he came to meet her at her home once in a month. Shreyash could never discover how ill she was.
Yashi was diagnosed with a very mature stage of leukemia. It was a thunderbolt for her. She informed her father about it and his reaction was just an oh. He couldn’t recognize the sincerity of the situation or maybe it really didn’t bother him. What bothered him was a movie that he was making.
He didn’t know his own life was on fire. The movie that he was making became a big hit. Sorrow for his daughter couldn’t find a place in his heart.
Yashi soon died. Shreyash didn’t realize the loss that he was facing. For him, it was just another person dyeing. He didn’t shed even a tear on her death. He was already on the seventh sky about the success of his movie. That movie made him feel that he got everything he ever wanted. But he lost something that was more important that he ever thought.
He realised it later. Slowly as the days passed by, he felt his life to be hollow. He had no one he could call his own. His father passed away, then his first wife, then the second one, then his daughter. He realised he had no family, and no friends. He did not make any friends. For him, it was a waste of time. Time is precious, you won’t get it back, he thought. But he never realised that he was not utilizing his time to its fullest.
He had no memories to remember in his free time in old age. When he tried to remember time spent with his family, he could remember nothing. There were no stories that he could narrate to children. There were no lessons that he had learnt from life. He had no one to talk to. His agonies were many and no one to share them with. Depression soon reached him, he killed himself.
He hadn’t experienced anything such as love, hatred, happiness, sadness, or anything that anyone else feels. He lived life like a robot unaware of the emotions. He never realised that overdose of success had turned his throat sour. He ran behind success and what he found was failures disguised in number of victories.

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