I am immensely lucky to be born in a family that showers me with love. I have been raised with utmost care and diligence. I have been taught responsibility and being strong by my dad , I have been taught sincerity and hard work by my mother , and I have been taught everything else about myself , by my sister. 

The one thing I am proud to teach myself is that the key to life is happiness. 

They say follow your heart , follow your dreams and that will make you happy.

But maybe that is not as easily understood. The easier thing to undestand is happiness.

Do not do what your heart says, it maybe difficult to hear sometimes, but what will always be clear is what makes you happy. Not necessarily in the long term in life , I am not necessarily talking about life goals and career goals, etc. I am referring to our everyday lives. While deciding how much to share , while doubting what to say , while thinking whether to greet a stranger , while wondering whether to pay a compliment, while hesitating in calling a long lost friend, while asking for that extra gulab jamun.... simply ask yourself what will make you happy . 

I hope to live by this principal today, I hope  you will too!

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