I usually don't write. But things are going beyond control.So I thought I'd just pen down my thoughts in a flurry before they go off in a hurry. ( see, I'm beginning to write like her).

Well, for an intro..I'm her hubby..a distraught one at that.
How could I not be? A mighty tsunami called Wb simply swept her away one fine day.
And she 's never been the same since that day. In fact I don't get to see her much nowadays.

Some months back it was some lungi guy called Prithvi who had her hooked. She never missed even one of his movies. Now it's sadly some babu who's got her dates booked. I sit sadly..missing her.

I mean, what's it about this site that transforms folk overnight?
I watched her turning into various forms..sometimes a young wild woman, at times a funny guy. A poetess or a realist. The kid in her leaps every now n then...she then bounces n claps hands in glee.
What did you guys do to her?

I never wrote. She pesters me to at least make a start.
Well, seeing the results on her, I feel tempted sometimes.

I see this giant wave strike anybody at will. Doctors, engineers, collegians, homemakers and angry teens too. I hear of their written exploits from my biwi of course. I'm afraid I have lost her completely. I can only see her behind each morning as she gets up with that inspired look on her face to type in those inspired words..she begins slowly but then pushes the accelerator, especially after a few sips of my specially made ginger tea. I keep it gingerly at her table with a passing glance at the 'kabab me haddi.'

She answers, she comments..
she pens furiously and foments..
Early mornings..
in the evenings.
On a holiday.
In the midst of a hectic workday.
Coming back from a tiring journey, before resting her aching shoulders.
I wonder n wonder what it's all about. What do you guys write, that gets her so hooked? What does she write that gets you so cooked?
I tell her I'm gonna read all her posts one day. She laughs and replies, 'Please do.'

Some days she's on cloud nine. Knowing her well, I know someone gave her high fives on her story. Other days she's sad n glum. Not even one poll on her post so plum.

Hey I noticed something. I can write!
See, I'm beginning to write like her!
..and see how much I wrote. Hey..I like it. The feeling. I feel blood flowing.

I think I'm changing my mind.
never mind if you don't have a life..
never mind if you lost your wife..
like Sirjee says..
simply start writing...
I see the wave coming!!!

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