Today exam was announced like every semester. The only difference this time was that we knew apriori that we passed or failed. I had passed as usual and results were to be displayed in the college the very next day after they were declared online if we had passed or failed. But it was delayed by four days in the college due to holidays in between.
Everyone was very eager and curious to know the marks that they had secured. We had heard that there was trend that people get 5-8% more than their previous semester in this semester . This was our second last semester and we were in our last semester now.
At 1.45 pm we had our second last lecture and rumours surfaced that college had received the result and were on the verge of displaying it. So no one went to attend the lecture and considering the situation our HOD and few teachers decided to display it only after all lectures get over. So one the teacher came out and declared that they had received wrong set of results and someone has been sent to get the right one. He was obviously lying and wanted us to attend the lectures. So most of us went to attend lectures as they wanted fearing that they'll delay the results by one more day. We were attending last lecture and that professor had seen results and was spelling beans in the class about the toppers. She said that a girl named Insha was topper of the class and I was the second topper. I didn't even take her 1% seriously as I never get so far in exams. So she kept saying and assuring that I was really second topper. But i kept on saying that she might have read my name after someone else's name.
When last lecture was about to get over one of the teacher came out of staff room and started to put the results on notice board and whole class got to know this by some guy spying from class . So everyone rushed immediately towards the notice board.

I first checked and verified if I was really anywhere close to what the professor had said in the class. I was really second topper with 77.75% and missed first position by 2 marks. I was overwhelmed by this . I had never in my life become second topper. I had never even managed to secure any position in top ten in my life. I was so happy . Everyone was asking me for party and congratulating me. I too felt responsible and wanted to celebrate my epic victory. One of the friend came over and asked me to bring just a jam-butter-bread that I use to bring in my tiffin box before this semester. He use to snatch it always. So I thought I can at least complete his demand because it was almost free.

I everytime use to tell my marks immediately to my father after they were announced but this time I didn't. I didn't feel like doing it. I went home with few friends and they asked me tell to my parents but I told him I'll do it once I reach home. My father was in office as usual so I called him while I was walking towards my building . He after listening said okay and dropped the call. I was like what did just happen ?. Then I again called him and said that I was second topper of the class. He again didn't say anything ,said okay and hung up. I wasn't that happy first of all even though I had achieved alot. I then got upset that I wasn't recognised and appreciated. I went home and kept the bag and after few hours I told it to my mother she too didn't react like something great had happened. I just told her that I wanted to take cup cakes for friends and chocolates for teachers to express the joy of being the second topper. Though there was no joy at all. I got chocolates for teachers and money to throw a good party for few close friends . As a tradition when I scored good father use to bring sweets for every member of family the very same day while returning from office. But he didn't bring anything this time . I was very upset about it . Neither did he congratulate me for it. I was like what's wrong with everyone? I felt like an underachiever that day. I don't know what to say. This was the worst feeling I had ever had. When your family behaves like this you are bound to be heartbroken.
There wasn't a single good reason for this behaviour I could think of. The next day my father brought sweets and asked me to give it everyone. But still I didn't see the happiness of me being a second topper. Right from my school days he always wanted me to score and bag that position . Everytime I use to tell him about toppers , he use to say " when will that day come when you will score so good?" Now was the time. I felt like I accomplished his long awaited dream but it went totally unnoticed. I couldn't decode the reason for that. Our relation isn't like that that I could ask him directly but maybe he had many other important things in his mind. Like his office work or most importantly the sister's wedding that was going to happen after a month.

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