All of us have our personal good days and bad days. And more often than not good days are hard to come by. It's either the normal, ordinary days or bad days that we experience the most. And yesterday seemed to fit perfectly the bill for a bad day for me!
I'm an early bird and I woke up as usual at 4.30 am. But what do I see? No power supply! Well, the start itself was bad and I never knew it would get worse. I have this habit of doing all my computer related work, browsing the internet and all such stuff in the morning. The simple reason being that I've internet connection which has unlimited usage early in the morning! Being an engineering student, projects and assignments demand that we have to be well versed with the facts and what better way to know it than googling about it! And unfortunately I had a lab in which the teacher in charge expected a lot from us! I didn't have the required info! And moreover my laptop wasn't charged! So no simulations either! I waited and waited, but the power didn't come till I left home for college!
Begin problem No.2! I've a bus which takes me directly to college. It takes 20 minutes to reach college by that bus.If that isn't there, I need around an hour to reach college. And then it happened. No direct bus!!! Hell! I was carrying my laptop to college and my back had already started aching! I tried calling up my friends, but mobile battery low and it got switched off! Tired and battered I reached college half an hour after the scheduled start! I would've skipped the first class had it been a one hour class, but unfortunately, it was a two hour class and missing it meant loosing double the attendance! I entered and the lecturer started scolding me! I manged to squeak a sorry! Luckily I wasn't put out as I was quite good at the subject!
Then terror number 3! I had simulations to show and to my bad luck the files which I'd created earlier were all deleted! I had to redo it! And it wasn't working! As if all this wasn't enough, I had an extra class in the evening which I wasn't told of before! I had other practices scheduled for the evening and had to listen to everyone scolding me!
Tired! Angry! Sad! Lonely!
Oh did I forget to mention my mom's outburst on something which I hadn't done? And my best friend's indifferent attitude! Maybe some other time! I'm already late and I don't want to have a chain of bad days!

Tags: Bad luck, Sad, Tragedy

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