The first thing I wanted to do after coming back from Dehradun was to give her a surprise. Not a moment was spent without her in my head. She must have had Virat(her boyfriend) in her head tough.
I knew she would be at home at this time.
It was 8.30 pm when I saw her rushing into her bunglow with her eyes filled with tears. I followed her to the garden where I held her hand. She turned back to see who it was. As she saw me she gave me a tight hug. I hugged her even tighter, not leaving her till her grip loosened. She looked down, her eyes still filled with tears. I held her hand, filled in the spaces between her long fingers and took her towards the swimming pool. I opened my shoes and sat down to put my feet into the pool, keeping my jacket aside. I looked up at her. The tears on her face were shinning in the moonlight. She looked beautiful. She always did. I proffered my hand. Her delicate hands held mine and she too sat down with her feet in the pool along with me. I did not leave her hand and nor did she withdraw it. She put her head on my shoulder.We kept sitting there under the moonlight. The breeze was cool. She was feeling cold but did not say a word. I left her hand. She looked at me through the few strands that came onto her eyes because of the breeze, her head still on my shoulder. She gave a cute frown. I took my jacket that I had kept aside and put it on her.

She smiled. I smiled seeing her smile.
Once again we did not need words to say anything.

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