Where are you?
The one made for me;
The other half of mine;
Other half of my body, my soul !
Come to me soon;
For I want to grab you;
Lock you up in my arms;
And hold you tight !

Tears roll down the eyes;
Smiles have frowned;
Hopes all drowned;
Depressed & pale;
For I can find none to share;
Listen or understand;
At no times I am lonely;
Co'z loneliness surrounds me !

At times, sadness bounds;
My heart is tired of crying;
At this time;
All I want to do;
Is to come up in your arms;
Co'z I trust, at least;
You are there for me !
Who are you ?
Where are you ?
The one made for me !!

Tags: Loneliness

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