I am disappointed in India. I'm disappointed in it's people. I'm disappointed in the mindset of our people.
I know I'm ranting. But I'm genuinely hurt. I used to pride myself in being Indian. On being from a country where people help each other. Where people care about each other.. Where people are human.
I'm sure most of you have heard about that flash floods up north. My heart went out to the people stuck there. My heart leapt up with joy at the generosity and the courage of the few people who helped. Ordinary people. Just like you and me. Also the Indian jawans. I salute these people. Who risk their lives and everything that they have for strangers. For people they dont even know. Who they will probably never see again. And then there are the other bastards.
People who want to profit from a natural calamity. From other peoples misery. Think of this. There is death and destruction around you. People stuck, people weary, people who have lost everything including family members and their houses and belongings. Then you go and charge them 5000 rupees for a room Which used to go for 500
Or 200 bucks for a bottle of water to a thirsty family who hasn't had water in two days. Where is the humanity?? What have we dropped down to? Making money off misery?? Off already troubled and grief stricken people???
Instead of opening our doors to them, to helping them, you overcharge them? Make them beg?
There were reports of people charging 300 bucks just to stand under the shade of the store. 300 bucks?? To stand under your store and get out of the rain? Really guys??
If all this isnt bad enough, they go and rob the banks and deserted houses. Over 5 crore was robbed from kedarnath itself. So the guy is already down, he's lost family and everything he has, then you kick him in the balls by robbing whatever little that he might have had left??
Where is the humanity??
I hate calling myself an Indian if these other people are also called Indians.
India is a generous country, a country of tolerant and helpful people.
A country where the whole nation rises up to help a part of it. Then where do such people come from? How do we tolerate such injustice? Such petty thinking? How do these people call themselves Indians??
When there was a nuclear meltdown in japan. You could walk into any super Market there and get as many bottles of water as you wanted for free. They even opened up their vending machines for free. This is not the surprising part. Now comes the best part.
Each person exiting the supermarket left only with one or two bottles. Even though it was all free. Why?? Because they needed only one. If it was India? They would have ransacked the place.
Change yourselves. Change your thinking.
Act in a way you would be proud to call yourselves Indians. And please, I beg you, have a little humanity.

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