Nobody loves me, Nobody cares;
Not even a single soul, everyone just glare!
Life is turning lot more than hell;
Earth is no more a place for me to dwell!

No sound, not even of a single bell;
Sorrows, woes I am drowned in well!!
Not a single human cell;
To give ears to my yell!

Honey bee's of Failures pains all surround;
There is no heal to this wound!
Happiness, joy & love when will they surround?
When will the success be crowned?

My heart is tired, tired of everything!
Absolutely zilch for which my heart could sing!
Nothing that joy could bring;
With broken wings, Life has become a broken swing!

I am never a girl, who easily gives up;
But for how long can I hold this cluttered cup?
How long can I hold a fake sweet smile;
Mask to be thrown in a little while!

No reason to live on this earth;
For there is no life, no more a mirth!
Love, joy, happiness I crave, I dearth;
Held only by troubles & tears girth?

Why am I the target for every failure, every pain?
Drenched by heavy rains!
"No pain, No gain" Someone said;
But, "Only Pain, No gain", my heart is fed!

It knows no merry, gay or joy;
All my feelings, have become a toy!
Everyone hates, Everyone complains;
All agony, in my heart left a permanent stain!

All my dreams & aims left shattered;
Have become the biggest nerd of this herd;
Why failure is only the word overheard;
I wanna gain the wings of an eagle bird!

What if none gives ears to my ails, my speech
My pen hears it all, Where the ink speaks .....

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