"Let the dream drag you into itself. let no thought but yourself conquer your mind. The sleep is the mightier than you and your ability to resist. Let it take you in. Let it take you in. ". Said the psychiatrist within me. I had been a while since i had taken a nap longer more for someone seen me smile for real. I had to sleep. I must sleep. Within minutes or perhaps seconds the words I have been telling myself finally started turning true. The sleep took over me.
I heard the droplets kissing the tiles. Every drop seemed to have something to tell me. I kept on listening. The wet coldness touched me like an infant's hand. I knew it was a dream yet i felt it to be quite real. A strange feeling mocked me. A felt calm and secure. Perhaps because I knew the place. A place were all my true self comes gushing out once I enter and lock myself. The bathroom. Disgusting it may seem, there exists so little place were a man can truly be himself. Masquerading himself for the sake of his name, fame, health, wealth and the list goes on. How could one possibly be himself in a world as devastating as it is now?. Then I heard something else, a cry. No, not mine but of a child. In a matter of time i was able to see him. Leaning to the wall with his head on his knees covered by his crossed hands he sat. With nothing but skin to cover his emotions. The questions started haunting my brain. "How? why? when? how?". Yet for some odd reason i found him to be quite awfully familiar. I wanted to touch him. Alas How could I? for I am a mare empty existence without a physical presence. But I could try speak to him. "why are you crying?", I asked.
"I am lost", replied the boy.
"How did you get lost ? and Do I know You?", I asked.
"That is how I am lost.", Said the boy bring his head up looking at me," Its funny how most of the answers are answered by the questions itself".
"I don't understand. What are you talking about?" I asked.
"I am you, you see." Said the boy "Or perhaps the one you used to be".
An explanation towards the familiarity. I found my self sitting beside him. In the same position I used to sit, the exact same spot while I cried in the past. I knew of him now." In order to get something one must sacrifice something else". He was the victim of this great philosophy. With a bit of confidence I continued,
"Forgive me for I could not protect you. In a quest towards finding my strength, I lost you. In order to become what I want to I had to loose you. " I said.
" Did you find what you where looking for?" Asked the boy.
" I searched in circles only to find myself exhausted. I am still fragile and pathetic". I said.
" How how are you weak?". asked the boy staring at me.
"I still fear the people outside this door. I fear the people demons inside of me. I fear the future. I fear my sire and hence myself. Even though I made best of friends, I cry alone. Even though I wear a mask, I end up showing myself through it. Even though I try to become what I want to be I still am the old me. Even though I walked so far away from you, I am still sitting beside you." I replied.
"Does that really define your fragility? or your failure? or your weakness? There is nothing wrong in being slow. Its a matter of time. Why don't you try taking me with you? We will them all, the monsters, the people, to our sire to ourselves what we can become together. One step at a time. We shall create someone much better and genuine with no masquerade but you." Said the boy with a smile cleaning his face.
My tension and sadness on my face finally turned to a smile and I replied "Shall we?".

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