You know there is pleasure in hanging out with friends.
There is a pleasure in an adventure trip with family.
There is pleasure in eating street food with your besties or just spending time with your special people.
There is pleasure in listening to your favorite song.There is a pleasure in watching your favorite movie.
Why do we enter into a romantic relationship or any relationship???
The answer is simple to find happiness.
Yes we hang out with our friends because that makes us happy.
We say we like someone if that person’s presence makes us happy.
Relationships are somewhere about love and understanding and any relationship which has these two things gives the desired happiness we are looking for.
But irony is in our perception we have our happiness dependent on certain conditions.
Conditions are people around us or the surrounding things.
Tragically we seek for happiness and true love everywhere in every corner and miss out the most obvious place where we can find it.
Apart from all these pleasures Have you ever experienced the pleasure of being yourself?
Strange..isn’t it?
It does sound strange but when you push back all these pleasures around.
You see a void.
It feels weird because we think that we must have a reason to be happy.
“Loving oneself is beginning of lifelong romance”
Quoted by Oscar Wilde.
In today’s world or say rather busy world we have time for our friends, family and even virtual friends.
We are so concerned about them so much that we forget ourselves.
Is today’s world selfish??
In fact if observed keenly today’s world has become so selfless.
Without caring for themselves they are eager to help everyone.
We never spare out time to think what our thoughts are and never do we spend time talking to ourselves.
We are so ignorant towards ourselves.
To fill that void we need to stop others defining us.
We need to stop investing our time in pleasing business.
When you’ll act and react according to yourself rather than people around you.
You’ll experience the joy of being yourself.
Just when you make yourself important in your life you will notice a million things about yourself.
The things which will make you fall for yourself.
Heartbreak is what we see often these days.
So is falling in love common.
But to all the girls why are you letting boys dictate your happiness?
And to all the boys why girls have to dictate your happiness?
Something is above these false relationships.
The most pious relationship is your relationship with you.
Choose to be happy. Choose the most trustable partner who will be by your side till your last breath and if you choose you.
Literally you’ll have a love that will live with you and die with you.
If you are stuck in any relationship or you are happy in any relationship.
Sometimes find little time to date yourself rather you can also double date ;)
I would say if you make your love story with you beautiful and happening then you would see every relationship around you blooming.
You’ll become a magnet to attract happiness.
And you’ll feel freedom in every shackle.
And you won’t need reason to be happy.
I read this quote somewhere-
“ F.L. Y -first love yourself others will come next”
I think it’s amazing.
All people out there you have experienced falling for someone.
Why don’t you try something different for now fall for yourself and I assure you would be feeling heavenly because then you would be in a relationship that would be sweeter than that of romeo Juliet ;)

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