(A Tribute to Nirbhaya written on 16 December, 2012)

When she was born, her father frowned.... a new responsibility!
When she was young, her mother got worried... she was pretty!
When she wanted to fly… they yanked her back
When she rebelled... they reminded her of who she is
Who is she really? The answer is simpler than anything else

SHE is not a HE

Because he can walk on the roads without fear
Because his actions are always justified by his gender
Because he can marry her and treat her the way he wants
Because he can crush her and leave her wailing in pain
Because once crushed, her dreams will have no meaning
She doesn’t have a life, she doesn’t have aims
Only because they think he claims on her
Well he doesn’t. And he can’t


Because of the never dying fact
The fact that his mere existence is from her!
If he can devastate her life… she can kill him before he even starts to live!
But she won’t
Because he can stop being a man or a human whenever he wants to
But even if she is giving birth to an ugly, disgusting cannibal… she will never cease to be a Mother
She has the power to create him.
She has the love to nourish him.
But the world always forgets that she also has the power to destroy him and the whole world along with him....

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