I woke up well before dawn,

'Cause there was something to which I was drawn!

I woke up after a dream,

An idea, a scheme!

It was all I thought about all day,

There was sunshine to make hay!

This went on for days and nights,

I finally decided that it had to see light!

I told the people around of my dream,

My plan to build a team!

I told I'd put my heart and soul,

Putting in everything to make it whole!

But the world laughed at me,

Stopped me from from thinking free!

Told I was crazy,

And that my vision was hazy!

They told it was a joke,

My dreams went up with the smoke!

They told I couldn't,

And so I shouldn't!

I was hurt,

Never thought the world would be so curt!

Tears filled my eyes,

Wished that the world would be nice!

My dreams were broken,

With the harsh words spoken!

I called myself a fool,

For letting my heart rule!

I felt the world was right,

And so I gave up my fight!

Wiped my tears away,

Decided to go the world's way!

The dream kept coming back,

But I never ventured on that track!

Did what I was supposed to,

Never thought about anything new!

If I couldn't, then I shouldn't,

And so I didn't!

I never gave it a try,

Bid my dreams goodbye!

Now I've almost reached the end,

Thinking about the life I could mend!

It's now too late,

I've surrendered my dreams to fate!

I could have and so should have,

But I didn't, I may have!

And now my heart screams,

'Who paid you to give up on your dreams?'

Tags: Dreams, Poetry

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