Whom shall it be blamed to?
There was once an innocent soul, who desired nothing but only a support to get her passion. Yes, Airforce was her passion. She had always dreamed of nothing but Joining Airforce. Her vision was clear and her aim was high, her hopes were full of faith! It had taken her years to build a strong character, and confident person out of her. For the sake of that big achievement which she was sure of getting, she was always head high on her work and learnt everything with keenness. All those she did not know what was going to be because she was so determined to maker her path to her dream! But, she learned it late that life is uncertain! And that if her own family backs out, she will never be able to stand to anyone else outside! Her dreams were crushed and her soul was shattered within just one word "NO"! what she had made herself in four years, it was all destroyed within two minutes! She had had endured the pain without any complaints just in the hope "life will be better". Yet she was broken in to the pieces which she could not mend again ever. A little goodness was died here, and she was determined never to look up to anyone for support , nor her own family because there is no one out there meant to be for you! EVER! Yet, she gathered her soul and made her understand "Life is uncertain, baby" so she shall not expect that everything will go well! She trusted and she was deceived, she forgave and moved ahead, she trusted again, again she was deceived and she forgave just to free her own soul. She trusted again and again until she learnt there is no one worth trusting except her own soul and her creator! Last time she was deceived was the time she started loosing all her goodness gradually! She became rude, blunt and mean! She only asks, after when your efforts are destroyed, your dreams are snatched, you are forced in the opposite direction, your love is taken for granted, your loyalty is questioned, you have got friends who only pretend to understand you, you feel like a useless weed without supportive roots and without any hope to stand up on your feet once again! All your optimism seems to be in "HELL"! What would become of you! ? I as who shall it be blamed to? To the creator ? to the family? or to herself who has fallen so many times and in every possible way that she now has become tired of mustering up her courage again and again! ? For how long can I remain the ONE he/she used to be! I have always felt that I was better when I was innocent, now the circumstances have weakened me and my goodness. I am tired of "Hoping"! I am tired of "Start it all over again"! Who shall I blame? Am I being negative? I think I have a right to think negative sometimes because I have always been fooling myself by finding a positive end to the negative things!

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