Hey, I read about two men the other day. Both were in the house of God. One looked askance at the guy standing next to him, his head bent.

Feeling self righteous and smug, he declared, "God, I'm not like this miserable fellow. I fast twice a week, give the poor alms. I never sin...like this awful guy next to me. I pray several times a day. Amen."

The other guy couldn't even raise his head upwards. He beat his breast. "God, have mercy on me. A gross sinner am I."

Both returned to their respective homes.
But one went happy and peaceful.. and the other?
The same way he was.

Can you guess who went home happier?

See, God wants us to be honest and humble when we approach Him. He hates pride and denounces hypocrisy completely.
He won't measure us by the external appearance we try so hard to put up..to save face. He knows us deep within. That we really are just white washed sepulchers..full of dead bones.
We try to impress others by our actions, but our thinking, motives, attitudes to others rot.

He maps us by our thoughts and intents of the heart.

Let's be humble, confess our errors to Him, who matters more than any body on earth, depending on his strength to stay away from error at the same time.

That's the sure fire way to go home happy and carefree.

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