A girl writes from her heart.
of matters deep and true
she then decorates her words
to impress her beau

The guy's in a tearing hurry
he multitasks
everything in a flurry
the writing, the chat, the mail
also the awesome female

The girl writes long drawl
he cuts it short
she looks for finesse
he's not that sort

When the girl forgets to punctuate
writes in sms lingo
her brokenness is for all to see
she resembles a crushed mango

The guy doesn't get time for details
smileys he does rely on
here a :D there a :P
by the time she's started
he's off the net...gone

She writes oft on herself
her life, her beloved
for him his gadgets
and ipl score keep him glued

But some gals and some guys
have become of late very cautious
they write and they write
then go totally anonymous.

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