The question for me today really is..
Not what exactly to write..
but whom NOT to poll speechless?

For ALL did utterly well today!
Some real good poems ..though mostly Hindi ones..though slightly long..
yet absolutely awesome..of course by one of our favorite authors

Then there was fun n humor, by some new ones..
and a poem on floods penned from the heart..

I didn't get an idea what to write about today..I thought n thought..
so I decided to just READ.
And read I did!
Not regretting an ounce my deed.

I laughed, I cried
Hindi was tough..yet I tried..

I guess today will be a 'no-hmmm' day
as well as a 'not-so-nice' day
'cause all did utterly well
numerous 'speechless' I indeed HAD to shell!

Absolutely wonderful fact arrive regularly every day.
I attribute it to the heavy rain!

We have crazy scientists, dreamy poets, fiction in real life too.
I am glad I belong to beloved beloved WriterBabu.

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