A small journey from my thoughts to the page
comparison between a HEART and a MIND

heart says u are in a relationship, mind says SINGLE LADIES
heart says grow up girl, mind says you are CUTE
you get noticed everywhere, whateva atleast you are being noticed

heart says where is d girl behind the BIG SPECS , mind says i need some change BabY
heart says share your thoughts, mind says SHHHHH!!!!!!
you are special, atleast pampered by evryone

heart says be natural, mind says SPARKLE like a diamond
heart is pure, mind is dirty?
heart is a lier, mind is truthful?
you are lucky, lucky charm of others

heart says go away from my mind, mind says come closeR to MY heart
are they playing with me,, or m I a FOOL

heart says you need a break, mind says be WORKOHOLIC
heart says yellow, mind says blue
you are in true colours of your life


heart says u should add spice to your life, mind says GO SWEET
heart says VODKA, mnd says LEMON JUICE
now dnt tell me to mix vodka with lemon juice.

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