The intriguing thing is that people believe that when a person is strong in science but weak in human understanding then that thing is pretty normal and if people do poorly in school, but surprisingly is good and sincere with everyone then this is a humiliation maybe because he is stupid?

Why do people believe that stepping in the lead in order to achieve their goal or material gain is right and working 16 hours a day and helping other while causing no pain to others is someone who is among weak? Why do people believe that drinking, smoking and spend the night away at a nightclub is usually for young people and dye my hair blue, informally to stand out from the crowd of people and show off your creative potential - it's weird? Why?

Why do people believe that sleeping with everyone, talk about their nocturnal adventures and humiliate another person, that all "neighing" - that's cool? Is it really cool? Whereas being alone or with someone who is totally wrong in the eyes of other but who really love to help other people at their own detriment - this is stupid?

Why are people like that?

Tags: Psychology

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