They never saw me, or polled me and painfully withheld my due.
Some silly twerp continually commented negatively on my intricately hand crafted writes.
There wasn't a mature man or woman who looked beyond my exterior.
I was pulled down to their absymally low levels.
There wasn't one who strengthened me when I lost courage.
Who saw beyond my grammatical errors.
Some foolish man picked up a fight over each and every one of my word.
Eyes glaring, throat throttling... drawing out his sword.
Nobody saw beyond my nationality, religion, mannerisms and upbringing.
They judged me on my writ word.
I hadn't been able to freely vent my worth.

Therefore it's not strange when..
I explain...
'why do i (not) write?

(This is on behalf of so many writers...writers who would have become famous today.. if only..)

Tags: Writing

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